Our services are at the leading edge of technology, and are backed by a team of dedicated engineers who specialize in a variety of technologies.

The Solutions we implement, balance the communications needs of growing organizations, within their budgetary requirements. More importantly, our on-going network maintenance with hardware and software solutions that are configured to let networks expand without becoming obsolete.

Our focus is on four key areas:
Helping their businesses to grow
Supporting start-up businesses
Managing risk and compliance
Achieving IT efficiency


Level 3 has made substantial investments in building up a large portfolio of skills and deep domain knowledge of virtualization across the entire IT infrastructure space. The organization works closely with several leading vendors to assess, design, deliver and manage large complex virtualization projects.

Moreover Level 3 experience and expertise across the entire IT infrastructure stack ensures that you get solutions that work seamlessly within your environment regardless of how complex it is.

The technical teams carry multiple certifications across all the virtualization domains, and also have experience in several domains of IT infrastructure design and execution. This goes a long way in ensuring that our virtualization solutions are designed to fit into your environment and will work to meet all the objectives set out for your virtualization projects.

Virtualization Solutions

  1. Server consolidation & infrastructure optimization
  2. Software life cycle automation
  3. Disaster recovery and business continuity
  4. Desktops, storage & print virtualization
  5. High availability and fault tolerant solutions – both virtual & physical environments.
  6. Data center & application workloads migration and optimization solutions.
  7. Cloud computing

Consulting, Assessment and Implementation

  1. Server consolidation & containment
  2. Business continuity & disaster recovery
  3. Development & test Optimization
  4. Virtual infrastructure design & planning
  5. Virtual infrastructure management & monitoring
  6. Support maintenance contracts (annual & half-yearly)

Application Delivery

  1. Windows application delivery
  2. Web applications delivery
  3. Web and windows applications security
  4. WAN optimization
  5. Windows and web applications performance
  6. Desktops delivery
  7. Provisioning servers / workloads.