Content Management System

The content of a website should be updated frequently and relevant to the present. Design of the website can remains same but its content should be fresh always. Level 3 offers you Content Management Systems that are flexible and automated so that you can check the content from the time it is created till it is deployed.

At Level 3 Technologies we use CMS to build complex dynamic web sites to meet your business requirements. Level 3 Technologies prefers to work on open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, PHP5, Zen Cart, SugarCRM etc. We can customize any of these open source scripts to meet the needs of your existing web site.

Level 3 Content Management System enables you to:

  • Update your web site instantly
  • Increase sales through more effective marketing linked to your web site
  • Encourage repeat visits by providing up-to-date content
  • Customization of texts and images
  • Customization of themes and banners
  • Save time and improve your site
  • Secure password protected CMS.
  • Modification of the core source code.
  • Addition of components, modules, plugins, widgets .
  • Addition of new features and services to your choice of cms system.
  • Development of new components, modules, plug-ins, or widgets.
  • Development of new design / theme / template and integration on the script.
  • PSD to CMS (such as Joomla) template; your design and our programming.

We Develop content management driven websites using following open source tools:



Drupal is a highly praised open source website content management system, it render an environment to create, manage and control the web presence. Drupal content management system is extremely easy to convert and it was basically written using PHP. It renders to control the system administrator task and also it empowers them in creating unique content, organizing the content, customizing the web presentation, automating the admin. Drupal can manage custom social network site, corporate websites, online store, online product catalogs and even more list of considerations.

Drupal will run on any virtual server setup including Linux, Windows and it has huge database and free plugins. Drupal gives you clear-cut control over URL structure. All item content in drupal will have a custom URL, in simple it called as ‘URL alias’. Drupal can easily configure and save all new-fangled version of your page, suppose if we edit, this means we can go back to view or revert the old version if we want. In default drupal uses php Template theme and its is easy to configure.

Why Drupal development at Level 3 Technologies
Drupal always stands ahead top, with your drupal well developed sites has number of facilities and few are listed below:

  • Site Internal search and communication
  • Unique source for projects collaborative.
  • Trouble-free to change shelf themes and also for custom ended ones.
  • Clear Web pages that can easily interact with search engines.


Joomla is highly recognized open source content management system that enables you to build Web sites and to make authoritative online applications. Joomla helps us to publish content on the internet, intranet and even in web application structure development. Joomla has an unmatchable bear for simple web solution as well as an endeavor-level web solution. It helps has to remains highly recommendable system to make even-driven web solutions like online shopping / E-Commerce/classified listing sites, Job portal, forum message boards, blog etc…

Level 3 joomla development services involve:

  • Joomla 1.5 Design incorporation
  • Joomla 2.5 Customization
  • Joomla 2.5 to 3.3 migration & Upgradation
  • Joomla Custom Template and Theme Development
  • Joomla convention Modules Development
  • Joomla Website Maintenance and sustain