Data Center

Every large or small to medium business have a data center of some sort, as a backup for unpredictable and spontaneous situations that could lead to a massive loss of important company data. Without data center solutions in place, the running of the center could lead to many problems which have a negative impact on the business.

Today’s data center environment demands a power quality and power management solution that is both flexible and adaptable, without compromising the reliability of your power chain. That’s why it has a driving focus on power quality solutions for enterprise and business IT systems, from network closets to large data centers.

Level 3 is a pre-scoped, pre-designed and pre-fabricated solution that is shipped in a componentized form and requires less than a week to be made operational at the customer premises, thus bringing a paradigm shift in the way we look at data center design and build methodologies.

This is achieved through the use of standardized data center modules and no dependence on raised floor. Level 3helps you determine your data center requirements, works with you to customize the data center from the available designs and provides complete installation and testing services. Level 3 is the single point of contact and manages the project from beginning to end, providing a robust “turn-key” data center. This helps you remain focused on your core business.

Flexible solutions

Level 3 Customized Solutions plan gives you the exact picture for your data center solution your business requires. Whether you required a data center designed and built to custom specifications, or have ready to frame the specifications and a targeted location.

Our Expertise team is dedicated to delivering the absolute data center solution for your business according to your peerless specifications.

Build-to-Suit As your data center augmentation partner, we suggest you with full fledge solutions in site selection, design, architecture, construction and data center consulting services.

From specification and architecture design through the process of completion the setup and handover, Level 3 Technologies will help you avoid risks while developing absolute data center you required.

Key Features

With an highly skilled experienced data center team accord to up-time market knowledge, we can help you acquire your future implementation of data center site in a fragment of the time. We are confident we can secure a site on competitive terms.

Master-planned ability equipped with dedicated efficiency infrastructure, Data centers translate time and money-saving for companies launching on data center projects.

We are able to assist you with integrated development of your data center by providing planning and consent approval, switchgear and power procurement.

Peace of Mind When you Need it Most Reliability This level of success hinges on our commitment to providing redundant systems, concurrent maintainability and proactive maintenance plans, as well as our devotion to continuing to nurture close working relationships with our customers, utility companies, network providers, and equipment makers.

Power Density – With energetic steaming, draft, and air cool (HVAC) systems, Data centers exceed the requirements of even the most power.

Security – Each Data center handles a top level of security equipment, techniques and procedures for controlling, monitoring and record access, as well as individual sections.

Recovery – Provides operations round the clock and storage space when you need it 24-hour accessing to highly skilled support – with Level 3 Technologies, you can easily maintain your critical operations under any means.

Eco Friendly Infrastructure. Determining the potential for cutting down your information technology environment.