Enterprise content management system (ECMS)

Enterprise content management system (ECMS) is a set of tools and methods that allow an organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation. Enterprise content management (ECMS) software is used to produce, organize, monitor, search, retrieve, access, and archive paper documents and electronic files.

Managing content and information is very crucial for today’s organizations. Content is playing an important role when it comes to an effective operation and gaining a competitive advantage over others. Enterprise content management system can bring business process ratio and help the environment at the same time by reducing paper-based processes and it also reduces the cost of managing the bulk documents.

Enterprise Content Management System helps companies superior and quicker decisions by dealing content, optimizing processes and minimizing redundancy, therefore enabling the customer user to make intelligent decisions and data analysis.

Enterprise content management solutions designed to meet the sole needs of different organizations like, government agencies, financial institutions, banking sectors, health care organizations etc.The objectives of ECMS are to make more efficient access, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize security, maintain integrity and minimize overhead.ECMS can be broken down into five major components called capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver.

The purpose of each component can be briefly defined as follows:

  • Capture: Create, obtain and organize information.
  • Manage: Process, modify and employ information.
  • Store: Temporarily back up frequently changing information.
  • Preserve: Back up infrequently changing information.
  • Deliver: Provide clients and end users with requested information.

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