BSS offerings includes the below;

a) CRM – Customer relationship management

  • This functionality enables the service provider to manage the customer. In additional, a self-care portal is provided to the customer, whether the customer can change the plans, do payment, raise tickets etc

b) Voucher Management System

  • This functionalities enables the service provider to issue voucher for multiple packages. It also includes providing of secure voucher, gift voucher etc including the printing.

c) Payment Gateway

  • This functionality enables the service provider to collect the payment online from its customers. This includes banks, credit card companies, mobile wallet and closed loop cards also. The module also supports recurring payment.

d) Ticketing System

  • This functionalities enable the service provider to manage the queries/issues related to network, billing etc with the system and also to manage the service level agreement, as agreed with the end customer.

e) Sales Force Automation

  • This functionality enables to automate customer’s sales cycle for the service provider. It provides dash board reports for its sales team,

f) OCS- Online Charging System

  • This supports two sub-functions rating and unit determination and it is supported in both centralized and decentralized mode. With Centralized Unit Determination, the OCF determines the number of non-monetary units that a certain service user can consume based on a service identifier received. With Decentralized Unit Determination approach, the CTF determines itself how many units are required to start service delivery, and requests there units from the OCF.


  • In offline charging, we support charging triggering function, which monitors the subscriber’s use of services and resources and generates charging events that describe the system charge activities. A charging data function, which is integrated with the gateway device, processes charging events and collects these as Charging Data Records (CDRs). The CDRs are written to files or transferred to the OFCS charging gateway over the Ga interface using the GPRS Tunnleing Protocol (GTP) prime (GTPP) protocol.