The TrackXpert tracking solutions are easy to deploy and use. Each field resource that needs to be monitored needs to be equipped with a tracking device(Mobile for Human and GPS devices for Vehicle or Assets tracking) that consists of a GPS receiver and a GSM/GPRS module.

TrackXpert helps in managing field resources to improve bottom line productivity. TrackXpert will address many of the issues necessary to successfully increase the productivity of on-site personals and Assets. As a result of TrackXpert will know how to track, measure, quantify and plan to take corrective action to increase field productivity, understand real life tools and techniques that will lead to increase productivity from mobile resources and identifying risk factors affecting productivity, pre-job and pre-task planning, and tricks of the trade to cost-effectively measure field productivity.

TrackXpert track resources using signals received from orbiting GPS satellites, the GPS receiver is able to determine it’s location to an accuracy of 15 meters. The tracking device sends this location information via the GPRS network to TrackXpert’s central servers. Management, can track their mobile resources, simply by logging into the member’s section of the Trackpert web application, with their credentials provided as per access level given to them.

TrackXpert solutions are highly reliable and scalable. We maintain our servers on tier IV data centers in india.